Activate Your Mitochondria

Are you an active person? Do you love to move?

Imagine if you were unable to be active. Running, swimming, biking, dancing, painting, and even something as simple as walking or breathing are difficult or completely impossible for you to perform. This is what it can be like every day for a person suffering from Mitochondrial Disease.

Currently there is NO cure for Mitochondrial Disease, and with so many different genetic variations it makes finding treatments very challenging.

We are challenging everyone to Activate Your Mitochondria! Your overall Health is linked with your Mitochondrial Health. Active Mitochondria are healthy Mitochondria!

By signing up for Activate Your Mitochondria you can participate in your favorite activity, or challenge yourself to find a new favorite, all while raising funds for those who cannot!

Your funds help support UMDF’s mission: To promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders and to provide support to affected individuals and families.

It is easy to get started, just follow these steps:

  1. 1. Register as a team or individual
  2. 2. Personalize your page with a photo and an description of why
  3. you are raising funds
  4. 3. Utilize your Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter and
  5. Instagram using #UMDF , #ACTIVEmito or tagging us @UMDF (all social media channels use this handle) to spread the word about how you are FUN-raising and encourage others to get involved!

Together, we can find a CURE!