About the UMDF
Our Organization
The UMDF was founded in 1996 through a merger of several smaller foundations established by those who lost loved ones to the disease. Starting as a volunteer organization based out of the basement of a home, the UMDF has grown into a nationally recognized, non-profit organization that not only employs nineteen full time staff members but is also represented internationally through our volunteers who operate more than 50 local chapters, groups and ambassador programs.

Our mission is to promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders and to provide support to affected individuals and families.

The UMDF advocates on the national level and empowers our members to advocate on the local level regarding issues of medical funding and children's health issues as well as social services for the medically fragile and disabled. We also assist with and provide information about local fundraisers and educational programs. Click here for more information on Organizing a Fundraiser.

The UMDF updates our website to provide the latest news and information about issues relating to mitochondrial disease research and information.

Family Support
We offer support to all sufferers of mitochondrial disorders regardless of diagnosis, suspected or confirmed.

Members of the UMDF are able to network with other families and individuals to talk about mitochondrial disorders. We keep members updated with the latest treatment advances and information through our quarterly newsletter. Members are also able to find support on the local and regional level through various chapters, groups and ambassadors. Click here if you are interested in Becoming a Member.

Since 1996, the UMDF has provided more than $5 million in grants to support the research that may lead to a less invasive diagnosis and ultimately a cure. Click here to learn more about our Research efforts.

Every year we hold an annual international symposium which brings together the best physicians and researchers so that patients and family members may gain valuable information. Click here to learn more about our Annual Symposium.

Your Support
Please help us redefine hope for the thousands of children and adults whose lives are compromised or shortened by the effects of mitochondrial disease. We need your support. Click here to make a donation to the UMDF