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Chapters and Mito Groups

You are part of a community through the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF). That sense of community will increase through participation in a UMDF chapter or group. UMDF chapters and groups provide members with opportunities for mutual support and productive action. Some groups form around the need to talk with others faced with the same concerns. Other groups form to raise funds for research or to raise awareness and educate physicians. UMDF provides groups and chapters with guidance on operations, assistance in communicating with local members, materials for public awareness and physician education, and advice on fundraising. There is at least one annual training opportunity for group and chapter leaders, and they receive a monthly e-newsletter. Chapters receive liability coverage for approved activities and other benefits.

Some of the benefits of participating in a chapter or group:

  • Connect with others who can understand your experiences.
  • Feel good about working for a worthy cause.
  • Be part of a larger effort to find treatments and ultimately a cure for mitochondrial disorders.
  • Contribute to mitochondrial disease research.
  • Work together with other committed volunteers in your area in support of those affected by mitochondrial disease.
Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are UMDF representatives in areas that do not yet have enough members to start a UMDF Chapter or Mito Group. Ambassadors provide support to affected families and individuals within the designated region and promote awareness of mitochondrial diseases among physicians, allied health professionals, and the general community.