Genetic Testing Program

We are excited to announce a new pilot program designed to expand access to genetic testing for patients who have been unable to access testing because of financial barriers.

Our first partner in the program is Courtagen Life Sciences.

About the UMDF’s Courtagen Life Sciences Partnership

COURTAGEN LOGO-SMALLOn a quarterly basis, Courtagen is offering one complimentary mtDNA analysis (mtSEEK) or nuclear gene analysis (nucSEEK Standard) to a patient. The test must be ordered by a physician.


How can a patient qualify for the program?

Patients must meet the following criteria:
1. Have a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of mitochondrial disease based on a physician’s clinical assessment.
2. Patient never had genetic testing.
3. Patient must be registered in the Mitochondrial Disease Community Registry (MDCR). Learn more about the MDCR and register here.
4. Have a financial barrier to receiving genetic testing (i.e. lack of insurance, insurance that does not cover testing, unable to afford the test).


How can patients/physicians participate?

1. Tell your physician about the program if you meet the criteria.(Click here to download this information to give to your physician.)
2. Have your physician register for the program here.
3. Patients must register in the MDCR now!
4. Patients must fill out basic, contact information here.


How does the program work?

Each quarter, UMDF will randomly select a physician from those who have registered for the program. The selected physician will be forwarded information about ordering the free test on your behalf through Courtagen Life Sciences. All information provided remains confidential between you and your physician. Physician will alert patient if they are selected to receive the free genetic testing services.


When will UMDF randomly select physicians for the program?

Physicians interested in participating in the program must register by Noon EST/EDT on the following days.

September 29, 2016
December 29, 2016
March 30, 2017
June 29, 2017

Physicians only need to register once to be considered for all of the above dates.

The UMDF Genetic Testing Program is part of UMDF’s Roadmap to a Cure initiative. Finding treatments and cures for mitochondrial disease requires faster and more accurate diagnosis for patients. We thank Courtagen Life Sciences for joining us along the roadmap! Additional partnerships are being considered in an effort to expand genetic testing availability.