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Quarterly Print Newsletters

The UMDF electronically delivers a quarterly newsletter that is loaded with information on the latest medical and scientific news relating to mitochondrial disease.  The newsletter also publishes stories about other members and affected people who live with mitochondrial disease.  Included in the newsletter are  events and fundraising efforts.

Newsletter Archives

If you have questions or story ideas, please contact UMDF at 888-317-8633 or e-mail


  • About Mitochondrial Disease
    Brochure that has basic information about mitochondrial disease
  • Living with Mitochondrial Disease
    A brochure for affected individuals with a space for information for local support.
  • MitoFIRST Handbook
    An introductory Guide for the newly diagnosed patient.  MitoFIRST Handbook is intended to Focus on Information, Resources, Support and Treatments.
  • Physician/Clinician Education Card
    Need to explain mitochondrial disease to your physician, clinician, or care giver?  Simple: hand them this card.  They can scan the code on their smart device and be taken directly to information about mitochondrial disease.
  • Pocket ER Information for Physician
    This card fits into your wallet or purse and can be given to a physician in an emergency room. It provides the ER letter they will need for a mitochondrial disease patient.
  • MITO 101: A Primer for Physicians and Patients
    A compilation of information intended to familiarize general practitioners and families alike with the  most common problems raised by mitochondrial diseases.