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New – November, 2019 – Tip from Ava Morava-Kozicz, MD

December 2018 – Mia Bell’s Story

Volume 22: 2018

Issue 1 Spring 2018 p.20

“Kailey and Devin’s Family Story” Plus Mitochondrial Medicine 2018 Adult Programming  p.20

Volume 21: 2017

Issue 1 Spring 2017 p.22

AACT Updates p. 22

Issue 2 Summer 2017 p.25

Symposium 2017 Schedule p.25

Issue 3 Fall 2017 p.34

Symposium Recap and Health Tip p.34

Volume 20: 2016

Issue 2 Spring 2016 p.32

“Mindfulness Practice and Chronic Pain” By David McNees p.32

Issue 3 Summer 2016 p.30

AACT Updates p.30

Issue 4 Winter 2016 p.32

“Test Your Mito I.Q.” By Amy Goldstein, MDs p.32

Volume 19: 2015

Issue 1: Winter 2015 p.16

“Supergirl’s Guide to Living with Mito” by Jennifer Schwartzott p.16

Issue 2: Spring 2015 p.18

“AACT Update”p.18

Issue 4: Fall 2015 p.18

“Helpful Hints” p.18

Volume 19: 2015

Issue 1: Spring 2013 p.12

“Mitochondrial Disease and Disability Benefits” by Brian Krumdiak p.12

Issue 3: Winter 2014 p.28

“Test Your Mito I.Q.”

Issue 4: Summer 2014 p.26

“An Appeal to the Mitochondrial Disease Community” by Gail Wehling p.26 

Volume 17: 2012

Issue 1, Spring 2012, p. 10

“Meet the Adult Advisory Council Team (AACT) – Representing, Serving, and Supporting Affected Adults”p.10

Issue 2: Summer 2012 p. 20

“Meet the Adult Advisory Council Team (AACT) – Representing, Serving, and Supporting Affected Adults “

“Sharon Shaw Inspires Others to Never Give Up “by Sharon Shaw UMDF Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Chairman of AACT p.20

Issue 3: Fall 2012 p. 14

“Adult Advisory Council Team Gains New Members” p. 14

Issue 4:  Winter 2012 p.16

“The Adult Advisory Council Team Continues to Grow “ p.16

Volume 16: 2011

Issue 1: Spring 2011, p. 25

“Forming a Community: Support for Young Adults with Mito” by Erica Harmelech, a young adult from Hamden, CT p.25

Issue 2: Summer 2011, p. 17

“How to Stay Positive When You Have Mitochondrial Disease” by Karen Wilson of Connersville, PA p.17

Issue 3: Fall 2011, p. 33

“Carolyn Slizys-Scholey’s Story- A Story of Courage and Hope “by Alison Cooley, UMDF National Office and Carolyn Slizys-Scholey of Burlington, ON, Canada p.33

Volume 15: 2010

Issue 1: Spring 2010, p.3

“Why I Chose to be a Member of the UMDF” by Susanne Leach, MD. p.3

Issue 2: Summer 2010 p.11

“Message from the AACT Chairman” by Sharon Shaw.  p.11

Issue 3: Fall 2010 p.10

“Mitochondrial Disease and the College Experience” by Laurel Smith. p.10

Issue 4: Winter 2010 p.11

“Loving the Life She Lives: A Day in the Life of Perri Elaine Miologos” p.11