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How It Works

UMDF earmarks the accelerators prize
($50,000 in 2019)

Grant applications submitted by promising post-doctoral fellows

Applications reviewed and finalists selected by UMDF Scientific and Medical Advisory Board

3-5 finalists prepare “fast pitches” to be broadcast live at UMDF Symposium

Each accelerator casts one vote for the project they feel most passionate about

Prize awarded to winner

Right Now

Right now… a researcher in a lab believes her theory could cure mitochondrial myopathy.

Right now… a scientist believes his innovation may bring about an end to Leigh’s Syndrome.

Right now… people affected by mitochondrial disease need energy…and YOUR energy can help….but we need to go fast.

It could be an innovation that will find the cause of mitochondrial disease.  Or, it may be the research that develops  an effective treatment.  Now is the time to accelerate that science from bench to bedside. Our patients and families are counting on your energy to help UMDF move faster toward a cure.


Your gift = Your vote

Our accelerators are engaged philanthropists.  Through our annual livestream-pitch event, our members have the opportunity to cast their vote for the project they feel the most passionate about, and ultimately see the difference their contribution makes.

In addition to the opportunity to jumpstart discovery for the next generation of mitochondrial disease researchers, our accelerators receive:

  • Name listing on
  • Name listing in UMDF annual impact report
  • Name recognition at the annual Symposium
  • accelerators lapel pin

  • accelerators social media badge

Join Us

Your involvement matters

Innovation, speed and agility are key to finding effective treatments for mitochondrial disease. Your support is the beginning. Accelerating the research could lead to a cure.

Become an accelerator

When you give $500 or more (cumulatively in a year) you unlock your accelerators benefits! No matter how you give – through a special event, to a designated fund or as a tribute to a patient – when you reach the accelerators level you join a group of engaged philanthropists. You will get a first-hand look at the promising ideas being developed in mitochondrial disease research.

Join Us

Our Mission

To promote research and education for the
diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders
and to provide support to affected individuals and families.

Funding the Next Generation

Innovative treatments and cures are on the horizon.
We’re jumpstarting their discoveries – right now…

With your generous support, UMDF continues
our promise of accelerating the work of scientists
who are working fast toward a cure.

Our Accelerators

Mr. Scott Aberle
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Abraham
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Abrahams
Mr. Omar Abu-Sitta
Mrs. Ruth Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Albertson
Dr. Stephen Alkus
Ms. B J Anderson
Mr. W Kelvin Anderson
Mrs. Hannah Appel
Ken Arnold
Mr. J. Ronald Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Aruti
Ms. Jesse Rae Atkinson
Mr. Joseph Auth
Mr. Matthew Bain
Mr. Thomas Baker
Mrs. Cheryl Baker
Mr. Michael Bartholomew
Ms. Rosemarie Bastone
Ms. Dolly Belfer
Dr. and Mrs. Bob Belfer
Mr. John Belk
Mr. William Bellows
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benedon
Mr. Kyndel Bennett
Dr. James Betti
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Biller
Mrs. Lorraine Biscardi
Mr. Bryan Bleibdrey
Mr. and Mrs. David Boch
Mr. Thomas Bolger
Mr. Jonathan Bollman
Mr. and Mrs. Laird Bone
Mr. and Mrs. David Bonney
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Boory
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bradner
Mrs. and Mr. Teresa Bradshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Breslow
Mr. Brandon Breslow
Mr. George Breslow
Ms. Beth Bressler
Mr. Nicholas Briana
Ms. Robin Brinkmeyer
Mr. Robert Bromm
Mr. David Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Brzycki
Sam Bullard
Ms. Bonnibelle Cadena
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cahn
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cain
Ms. Valerie Biscardi and Ms. Monica Cammarata
Mr. Daniel Capecci
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Carrel
Mr. John Cascardo
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Cederburg
Mr. Paul Cetani
Mr. Ralph Chadwell
Mr. Bob Chance
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. David Chapman
Mr. Andrew Nesseth and Mrs. Lindsay Chapman-Nesseth
Dr. David Charney
Mr. Daniel Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Christenson
Mr. and Mrs. Kerwin Chung
Ms. Lynn Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cline
Mr. Derick Close
Mr. Stephen Cobb
Ms. Michelle Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Cohen
Mr. Harvey Colchamiro
Ms. Cheryl Coleman
Ms. Katherine Coley
Mr. James Collins
Mr. Benjamin Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Conner
Ms. Laura Conner-Applegate
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Cook
Mrs. Miranda Corcoran
Mr. Andrew Cosgrove
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cowan
Mr. Daniel Crouse
Mrs. Jeanne Curran
Mr. Dan Dal Degan
Mr. and Mrs. William Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dano
Ms. Margaret Davis
Mr. Michael Davis
Mr. and Mr. Mike Davis
Mr. Ronald Day
Mr. Ron Dean
Mr. Michael Deep
Mrs. Tammy Delk
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew DeNatale
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Dickerson
Mr. Eugene DiGirolamo
Mr. Peter Discolo
Ms. Patricia Dobkin
Mr. Christopher Donohoe
Mr. Kevin Dougher
Mr. James Driscoll
Mr. Michael Dubin
Ms. Susan Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Ebert
Mr. Robert Edstrom
Mr. Alan Einstein
Clay and Cindy Ellis
Ms. Laura Elmore
Mr. Siegfried Endlichhofer
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Eyer
Drs. Marni Falk and Scott Falk
Connor Farotte
Mr. Lyle Farrand
Ms. Katie Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. James Feigenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Feister
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fenton
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fischbach
Ms. Betsy Fischer
Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher
Ms. Rhonda Fitzgibbons
Ms. Angelina Foglia
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Forman
Ms. Karissa Fowler
Miss Julie Freed
Ms. Suzanne Freed
Ms. Kristin French
Ms. Stephanie Fried
Mr. Sean Gagnon
Mr. Brian Gagnon
Mr. Robert Sean Gallagher
Dr. Jaya Ganesh
Mr. John Garcia
Mr. Richard Gaton
Mr. Daniel Geffken
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Geisler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Geolat
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Geraci
Mr. Robert Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Gibson
Ms. Patricia Gilligan
Ms. Anne Gittinger
Ms. Rosemary Gladden
Mr. Edward Glassmeyer
Mr. Jay Golde
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Goldstein
Ms. Laurie Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Gordon
Mr. Scott Gorelick
Sunyana Graef
Mr. Patrick Gray
Mr. and Mrs. David Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Greene
Dr. Nancy Gress
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Guest
Mr. Eric Haab
Mrs. Joyce Hacault
Ms. Anne Hall
Mr. E. Blanton Hamilton
Mr. and Ms. Dean Hamre
Mr. and Mrs. David Handy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hardison
Mr. Hooper Hardison
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Harman
Ms. Katie Harrigan
Mr. William Hayden
Ms. Claudia Hearn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hefferon
Mr. Donald Heller
Sherman Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hennessy
Mr. James Henrich
Ms. Diane Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Herzberg
Mr. Howard Heyman
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Hickson
Dr. John Highsmith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hinson
Dr. Michio Hirano
Ms. Abby Hocky
Ms. Cindy Holt
Mr. Ken Howell
Tsung-Hsiu Hsieh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Huntress
Mr. and Mrs. John Hysong
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Iak
Mr. Norman Imaoka
Mr. David Jacobson
Mr. Peter Jacullo
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Jakubowski
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jarman
Mrs. Lauren Jasinski
Mr. Paul Johnson and Mrs. Nancy McAleer
Mr. Robert Johnson
Michael Jones Michael Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jorden
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Josephs
Ms. Connie Judy
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kacmar
Mr. Jeffrey Kahn
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Kalick
Ms. Karen Karavanic
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Kavan
Mr. Peter Kelley
Mr. William Roney and Mrs. Joanne Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kelley
Mr. Patrick Kelley
Mr. Daniel Kennedy
Mrs. Shirley Kidd
Mr. and Mrs. John Kieffer
Mrs. Pat Killorin
Mr. Terence Kimm and Mrs. Christine Leonhardt-Kimm
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kindbom
Ms. Michelle Kinsley
Mr. David Kitchens
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Koch
Mr. Charles Koeberlein
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kolodziejski
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Kornbleuth
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Krupnick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kukla
Ms. Megan Kurzius
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kusek
Dr. Josiane Lackey-Laumann
Mr. David Langer
Mr. Pete Lash
Dr. Marc Goldstein and Dr. Arlene Lauf
Kimberly Leary
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ledbetter
Mr. Andy Levin
Ms. Gabrielle Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewis
Mr. Yang Li
Ms. Joanne Ligeros
Mr. and Mrs. William Linnane
Mr. Larry Linville
Mrs. Jennifer Little
Mr. and Mrs. John Llarena
Mr. and Mrs. David Lomita
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony LoPresti
Ms. Barbara Lundberg
Mr. Paddy Lynch
Mr. Paul Lyon
Mr. Mike Malynn
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Maney
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Manley
Mrs. Mary Manning
Diane Marshall
Mr. Martin Mathews
Ms. Cicily Maton
Mr. and Mrs. Jason McElwee
Mr. and Mrs. Walt McEvilly
Mrs. Linda McGeorge
Mr. Michael McGovern
Ms. Kaitlin McGovern
Dr. Catherine McGovern
Ms. Bianka McGovern
Mr. and Mrs. Dave McGovern
Mr. Richard McKinney
Mr. and Mrs. James McMaster
Mr. and Ms. Larry McNutt
Mrs. Rose Mealy
Ms. Barbara Metzger
Ms. and Mr. Sylvia Meyer
Mrs. Donna Miller
Mr. John Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Moberly
Mr. Mike Moelter
Ms. Holly Monek-Anderson
Ms. Hannah Monteiro
Ms. Jolene Moore
Mr. Rob Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mossell
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Mowdy
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mowrer
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Munyon
Mr. Gene Myers
Mrs. Andrea Neild
Mr. John Neild
Mr. David Neill
Mr. Jason Nemeth
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Nesseth
Mr. Joe Netherland
Miss Sawyer Netherland
Ms. Ann Neuffer
Ms. Mary and Ms. Leath Nibley
Ms. Mary Nibley
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nicolas
Mr. Thomas Nusz
Ms. Linda Ogle
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Ogonowski
Blake Okland
Mr. and Mrs. James Olson
Ms. Regina Orelli
Ms. Nancy Orosz
Dr. Michael Oszczakiewicz
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Toole
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Owens
Mrs. Jackie Pace
Mr. Martin Packouz
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Palmer
Nir Patel
Mr. Scott Pekrul and Dr. Bridget Pekrul
Ms. Lori Pellegrino
Ms. Eileen Perling
Ms. Mary Claudia Pilon
Mr. Bernard Platt
Mrs. Jean Pletcher
Mr. Dan Poliak
Ms. Page Porter
Mr. and Mrs. David Porter
Ms. Mary Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Prichard
Ms. Jennifer Prince
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Quigley
Mr. Daniel Quigley
Mrs. Marsha Raab
Ms. Carolyn Radovich
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rathsam
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Reber
Drs. Frederick & JoAnn Reckling
Mr. Stephen Red
Ms. Lori Reiner
Mr. Jared Reisinger
Ms. Lynn Relic-Huson
Mr. Brian Renter
Ms. Sherrie Richards
Mr. Christopher Rigsby
Mr. and Mrs. John Riley
Mr. William Riley
Ms. Megan Ritchey
Mr. Richard Robbins
Eric Roberts
Ms. Melissa Roberts
Dr. Sheryll Rockway
Ms. Carolyn Rodgers
Ms. Regina Rogers
Ms. Carol Rolfes
Mr. Joachim Rudoler
Mrs. Jennifer Ruhana-Smerek
Dr. Rachel Ruotolo
Ms. Kristen Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Don Ryan
Ms. Barbara Samardzich
Ms. Sally Sanders
Ms. Elaine Sandman
Mr. Michael Sansone
Ms. Heather Saunders
Mr. Brett Scanlan
Mr. Ryan Wright and Mrs. Sara Rose Schafhauser-Wright
Ms. Sara Schafhauser-Wright
Ms. Debra Schenk
Mr. and Ms. Marlene Schilling
Ms. Mary Schilling
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schilling
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Schnitzler
Mr. Chris Schrage
Mr. Daniel Schubert
Ms. and Ms. Jo Schultz
B.J. Sellers
Mr. Joe Senetar
Mr. Michael Seskin and Ms. Karen Byrne
Mr. Stuart Shanler
Mr. Ray Sharp
Thad Sharrett
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Shelley
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Shuck
Mr. Larry Sidwell
Mr. Benjamin Sielen
Mr. Daniel Silverberg
Mr. and Mrs. Kris Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slimp
Mr. and Mrs. Garold Smith
Mr. Jeff Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Solomon
Ms. Diana Sorbellini
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Spell
Mr. and Ms. Jacob Spigelman
Mr. David Stahler
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Staples
Mr. Peter Stathakis
Mr. Steven Stebbins
Dr. Arthur Ogus and Ms. Jenifer Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Steele
Ms. Jane Stein
Mr. Eric Stein and Mrs. Maxine Eichner
Julius Steinsapir
Mrs. Renee Stemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sterchi
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Stockhausen
Mrs. Carolyn Stracener
Ms. Kara Strittmatter
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Strosnider
Mr. David Sukovich
Mr. Martin Sutker
Ms. Cherie Swain
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Szopo
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Szopo
Mrs. Joan Tabor
Mr. Neil Tarnopol and Mrs. Alison Platt-Tarnopol
Mr. Bill Thompson
Ms. Susan Thornton
Mr. John Tighe
Ms. Patty Tilton
Mr. Kenneth Todd
Ms. Mary Beth Trapp
Mrs. Monica Van Over
Ms. Mary Lou Van Woerden
Bekim Veseli
Mrs. Janeen Waddell
Dr. Kendall Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Walsingham
Mr. Dennis Walsingham
Mr. and Mrs. Li Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ward
Mr. Brent Warner
Mr. Jay Weber
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Weinrauch
Mr. Edward Weisiger
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Welch
Mr. John Wellspring
Mr. Gary Westerfield
Mr. Matthew Westerman
Mr. Austin Whelchel
Ms. Beth Whitehouse
Dr. and Mrs. L. Shaun Williams
Mr. Jay Williams
Mr. Chris Wilson
Mr. Lon Wilson
Mr. and Miss John Winski Mrs. Christine Winski
Dr. Scott Winterstein and Mrs. Stephanie Hogle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wooten
Mr. and Mrs. W. Dan Wright
Mr. and Ms. Craig Wynne
Mr. and Mrs. PJ Yousaitis
Ms. Julie Zarou
Mr. John Zetterower
Mr. and Ms. Steven Zlotnick
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Zwakman

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