Awareness Week 2019

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week is celebrated globally to educate and increase awareness about mitochondrial disease.
Awareness Week is celebrated annually during the third week of September.

During Awareness Week, affected individuals, their families, friends, or co-workers gather together for a variety of events to promote outreach and education about mitochondrial disease and the broader impact of mitochondrial dysfunction on human health.

This year,  Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week will be held September 15-21, 2019

Below are some idea’s for you to spread mitochondrial disease awareness!

Tell your story to your community

Speak to community groups and organizations.

We all have a story to tell about the disease.   Many organizations in your community are looking for guest speakers.   Whether it is Rotary, Kiwanis, Chambers of Commerce, or your house of worship, a speaking engagement at one of these meetings is a huge awareness event in your community.  You will have the opportunity to tell your story, educate the audience about mitochondrial disease and dysfunction, and its impact on your life.

If this is something of interest to you during Awareness Week, email us or call UMDF at 888-317-8633.  We’ll provide handouts and other information that will be appropriate for your audience.

Set up an information booth in a mall, school, health fair or other community event.

You will need to get permission first to set up a display.    Use the opportunity to  provide information and handouts about mitochondrial disease and to talk about your personal connection.  Email or call us so that we can determine the best information for your booth.  888-317-8633

Go Green For Mito!

Go Green For Mito

What is the biggest landmark in your city or in your community?   Many buildings or landmarks are lit at night.
Find out if the building, bridge, stadium or landmark can Go Green for Mito during awareness week.   Many patient organizations are working to make this happen.   If you do manage to get a building or landmark lighted green, make sure you post it to social media and use #UMDF so we can see it and repost!

UMDF is a member of International Mito Patients (IMP), which is securing worldwide buildings and landmarks to be lit green – the international color of mito.

You can help raise awareness about mitochondrial disease this Awareness WeeK.

  • If you live nearby a participating monument, head down and take a photo! Share your pictures and information about the campaign on social media using #lightupformito
  • Install a green light bulb outside your home and/or workplace and share the photo on social media using the hashtags
  • Upload a temporary profile picture of a green ribbon to your social media accounts

Thanks for supporting Light Up for Mito and Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.

Tell your story to the media

Raise awareness by reaching out to your local media.

Awareness in the media comes in many forms.  It could be a story about mitochondrial disease on your local television news.  Or, a print reporter may want to write a story about you or your family.  If you are interested in spreading awareness through the media, you need to start working on that now.  Below are some tools to help you get started.

Working with the Media– (PDF)
Information on how to contact the media to promote stories and information happening in your community

Communicating our Message (PDF) Information to prepare you to talk about mitochondrial disease and about the UMDF .

Writing a Letter to the Editor– (PDF)

Tell your story on Social Media

Raise awareness by sharing stories and information via social media.

UMDF will be posting heavily throughout awareness week. Please “like” and “share” our posts with your friends.

Ask the question “How much do you know about mitochondrial disease? Learn more at”  Let’s see how many hits our website gets during awareness week.

Honor and Remember Our Loved Ones!

Click on the candle to light one in memory or in honor of a family member or friend!

Help fundraise towards a cure!

Conduct a Light Bulb Campaign

The UMDF will provide you with light bulb paper cutouts that can be sold for a a minimum donation of $1 at a local businesses and placed on a designated wall or window to raise awareness. Contact our Special Event Department by email at or by phone at 888-317-8633 if you would like to hold an Awareness Week “Light Bulb” Campaign.

Plan a “Do it Yourself” Fundraiser!

Have a great idea for a fundraiser?   Why not   do it yourself?  We make it simple.
Come up with a fundraising idea and and visit UMDF’s DIY website to create a fundraising page.   Share your page with family and friends.  Then, log into your page and watch as you reach your fundraising goals towards UMDF’s Roadmap to a Cure!

Participate in an Energy for Life Walkathon Near You

To see the nearest EFL Walk, visit