Sharon Reeder

Sharon was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease in 1999 and currently resides in Arizona.

She has a background in meeting planning, special events, business strategy, and marketing. Sharon has assisted the UMDF in many ways over the years, including helping the UMDF to obtain the recent Jack Black public service announcements that can be viewed on the UMDF’s website.

Sharon has been on the UMDF’s Board of Trustees for over a decade. She has served from 2008-2012 as Vice Chairman on the Board of Trustees. She first began serving on the Board as chapter representative in 2004. In addition, Sharon has previously held the position of president of the UMDF’s Southern California Chapter. She served as Chairman of the UMDF Adult Advisory Council Team (AACT) and was currently appointed onto the FDA’s first Mitochondrial Patient Advisory Committee. Sharon keeps her mental focus positive by helping UMDF in their mission to educate, raise money for research. She lives by motto, that “being of service and part of the solution, is the best medicine to navigate the ravishes of Mitochondrial Disease.”