Cell Biology of Diagnosis and Treatment of Mitochondrial Diseases Review

Dr Roderick Capaldi provides an easily readable review of:

Cell biology of diagnosis and treatment of mitochondrial diseases (PDF)

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Dr Roderick Capaldi was educated at the University of London (BSc) and University of York (D.Phil), before joining the laboratory of Dr David E. Green at the University of Wisconsin as a post-doctoral student. Since 1973 he has been on the faculty of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Dept of Biology at the University of Oregon.  Capaldi’s laboratory was one of the first to report biochemical characterization of a mitochondrial disease in the early 1980s.  His group at the University of Oregon established a considerable amount of what we know about the structure and workings of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, particularly cytochrome oxidase and the ATP synthase.  In the early 2000s he founded and was CSO of a company MitoSciences which has developed many of the assays now used to study mitochondrial diseases as well as tools for other conditions in which mitochondrial dysfunction is a key aspect such as cancer and Parkinson disease. He has been involved with UMDF for many years, and was on the Scientific Advisory Board from 2007-2011.