Recurring Event LHON – Teens

LHON – Teens

This call is ONLY for teens (under 18) who are affected with LHON vision loss. Hosts Jeremy Poincenot and Molly Garrone lead this call. This call takes place at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST every other month on the first Tuesday of the month for an hour and a half unless otherwise noted.

Recurring Event LHON Onset at Age 60+

LHON Onset at Age 60+

Were you affected by LHON at age 60 or older? Would you like to network with others in a similar situation? If so, you are welcome to join our Zoom networking event exclusively for individuals affected at age 60 or older. 

LHON & Charles Bonnet Syndrome Connect

Many people who are affected with LHON vision also experience Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS), the experience of phantom images or hallucinations which co-exist with one's regular visual experience. They can […]