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The Aiden Lee Family Research Fund

2011-07-13_08-02-01_366Aiden was born April 3, 2006, a healthy baby boy at 6 lbs. 4 oz., our first child.  We were so excited to be parents and a family of three.  Aside from the normal of being a parent and being super cautious of all things, it seemed to be going well.  It wasn’t until the 11th month that our “peanut” began his struggles.  He seemed very sleepy, and I was concerned so I took him in to see his pediatrician.  I was advised to take him to the ER, and he was admitted.  Tests were run, and grandparents came to town for support. It was a 5-day stay with a diagnosis of Adrenal Insufficiency.   This would be the first of many hospital visits and tests.

We seemed to learn all about Aiden’s new needs, daily medicine, and regular checkups with specialists, but it was only the beginning.  The list of specialists grew – by 2 he was seeing an ophthalmologist and neurologist.  We were suspecting seizures, but could never catch them on an EEG.  In the meantime, our family grew. We had a little girl and then another boy. Life was busy with 3 kids ages 4, 2, and infant.   By now Aiden had been seeing a geneticist and we were able to confirm he was having seizures, Epilepsy was added.  At age of 5, just before starting kindergarten we received his diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease, POLG 1.

Aiden earned his angel wings on November 6, 2014 at the tender age of 8.

2011-05-18_14-24-10_896Despite all of the medical struggles, Aiden brought pure joy to our family.  Yes, worry was close behind, but there was just something about him that filled your heart with love.  He struggled with balance and some fine motor skills, but would be the first outside to play.  There were more balls in our house than you can imagine, all shapes, sizes and colors, if it was a ball he loved it.  Our favorite family outing was to go play putt putt and have sushi for dinner.  Yes, he loved sushi!  He was my best eater out of the 3.  He loved animals, dogs, cats, squirrels, bunnies, ducks, horses, cows, the list is endless.  And he loved kids, he was so gentle with babies, and when it came time for family gatherings he was the first to hug everybody.

Aiden never met anyone he did not like.  He was shy, but once that guard was let down you were his best friend!  He loved to laugh, so if you were a jokester you would break through that guard fast.  Aiden truly enjoyed life and all that was in it.  Always stopping to look at the flowers, no matter how tiny, he taught us to slow down and enjoy the moment.  He had many struggles in his 8 years, but the joy he had for life will never be forgotten.

There is no cure for this disease, for now, help us to change the future for those still battling with this disease.  Help give a chance to another Mito Warrior and their family, with your support there is Hope.  Thank you for remembering our Mito Angel.

DONATE to the Aiden Lee Family Research Fund