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The Hayley Leib Family Research Fund

The odyssey of being diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease may take many, many years and may be full of twists and turns and a great deal of frustration.

Hayley Leib, 28 years old from Pennsylvania began to exhibit signs of illness as a young teenager- lethargy, gastroparesis, pain, migraines, weight loss, food intolerance, chronic pancreatitis, blood clotting issues-were some of her symptoms which surfaced after two very debilitating viruses. Traveling to out of state doctors became the norm. It took over 8 years to get a diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease (as well as several other concurrent illnesses).

Hayley’s hope and dream is to help others get diagnoses much more quickly, so that they can get the help that they so richly deserve. Hayley has been an Ambassador for the UMDF for the past 3 years. She helps to counsel newly diagnosed patients and families as well as people who are just beginning their diagnostic journey.

It is her hope and prayer that contributions to the the Hayley Leib Research Fund of the UMDF will help to further research into medications that will help treat people as well as advancements in the early diagnosis.

DONATE to the Hayley Leib Family Research Fund