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The Jackson Rothschild Family Research Fund

Jackson Harris Rothschild has an incredible sense of humor, and an amazing spirit that is rarely seen in a six year old. He was diagnosed with a mild Complex I and partial Complex IV disorder at the age of 17 months. His body is in an aerobic state 24 hours a day, even while sleeping. One can only imagine being tired from the core of your cells. Needless to say, this leaves him very fatigued at times, and his cells and organs are aging beyond their years. This is another reason why Mitochondrial Diseases are now being linked to diseases of aging such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease.


A Pediatrician labeled him “lazy” because he was unable to bear weight, hypotonic and developmentally delayed. We realized we must be pro-active and fight to create awareness both in the medical community, and the public. We must fight to raise funds for research and the development of clinical trials and studies to help slow and eventually halt the progression of these metabolic/mitochondrial disorders. It is only with help that we will be able to accomplish these goals, and I hope we can count on you.


jackson_rothschild2We, as a family, have created the Jackson Harris Rothschild Research Grant Fund for Jack and all the other children and adults that are affected by these various diseases. I hope that Jack will empower you, as he has empowered himself, and his family, with God’s help to give back to this world, and help to leave it better than we found it starting with giving back to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Jackson loves life. He faces each day with a big smile and such vigor. He adores his friends and his family. Policemen, firemen, and construction workers — working men as he says are his best buddies. He drives around the neighborhood in his motorized rescue vehicle, rescuing neighbors and imaginary cats in trees. When he grows up, he would like to be an equestrian paleontologist that flies airplanes. In other words, he loves dinosaurs, horseback riding and every aviation and air & space museum. There is not a train, truck or car he does not wish to own. He loves magic and going to high tea at the Four Seasons Hotel while listening to his friend play the piano.


DONATE to the Jackson Rothschild Family Research Fund