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The Jaethan Myers Family Research Fund

Jaethan Myers, who preferred to be called Jae, was born in Lakewood, New Jersey. His early education was started in Lakewood, and completed in Albany, Georgia.


After finishing high school, he worked for his dad at Trimlawn Services, Inc. When he moved back to New Brunswick, New Jersey, he worked on various jobs.


Jae was a lover of movies, old sitcoms (like “Sanford & Son”, “Good Times”, and “What’s Happening”), music and dance. He enjoyed roller-skating EVERY Friday night, and he would never pass up a good meal when he knew there was one. Some of Jae’s favorites were fried chicken, fish, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, spare ribs, chocolate cake, and if you put a plate of shrimp in front of him, WATCH OUT—you better have more!


jaethan_myers6Jae’s educational accomplishments were few but his love of life, knowledge and his desire for greatness outweighed any degree he could have earned. Truly he was a free spirit who loved to be outdoors enjoying nature. He loved to fish, garden, and take long walks when he was able to do so. As his illness progressed, he found comfort in spending time sitting outside talking to God and reading his Bible. So what he did not accomplish physically, he accomplished spiritually. Jae accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and was baptized. He was a member of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens for over ten years.


Attending the 9:00 AM service was the highlight of his week. Jae never missed an opportunity to tell someone how good God is despite the debilitation of the mitochondrial disease. He knew he was in God’s hands. Jae was a survivor and a warrior.


jaethan_myers9How do you define a survivor?

You become a survivor the moment you learn your diagnosis and make up your mind to fight. Jae did just that. The word survivor is about being a warrior, a fighter who is going to go the distance to do whatever it takes to give himself the best odds of beating his disease. Being a survivor is an attitude, a state of mind. One excerpt from an article said what are the options? A patient? An invalid? A victim? We will take survivor any day. Jae also had a warrior mentality.


A warrior trains constantly both physically and mentally. A warrior maintains a positive attitude and focuses at all times. He keeps his eyes on the victory to come. When they have done all that they can humanly do to prepare for battle, warriors seek divine guidance. They pray for protection, safety, leadership, miracles and victory. Jae was fighter. He had a warrior mentality. No matter how Jae’s story ended, he was truly a survivor. Babe Ruth said, “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” JAE DID NOT! We truly miss him.

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