DONATE to the Lindsey Norris Family Research Fund

The Lindsey Norris Family Research Fund

Lindsey Norris is an eight-year-old girl from Bel Air, Maryland with Mitochondrial Disease. She defies odds every day and is her family’s hero. She loves horses and playing with her friends. Due to Mitochondrial Disease, she has global developmental delays, low muscle tone (hypotonia), and Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, which requires multiple hospitalizations a year.


Even with all her challenges, she is a happy girl who just wants to run and play with her friends. Lindsey adores horses and really looks forward to horseback riding which is very therapeutic for her.


Her family, her older brother, mom and dad have hope that her future will be bright and that she will be able to continue to do those things she loves. Please help fund hope by donating to her research fund. A little can go a long way! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


1009666_613273875374188_779915739_o(1)Mitochondrial Disease is a progressive disorder where the mitochondria (our cell’s powerhouses) do not work very well. Mitochondria are in almost every cell in our bodies and when they don’t work well, the cells can get damaged or die. People with Mitochondrial Disease can have neurological problems; issues with their organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas, and can have muscle weakness, problems with their eyes, ears or digestive tract. Currently there is no cure for Mitochondrial Disease, but with research there is always hope.

DONATE to the Lindsey Norris Family Research Fund