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The Samuel Cutliff Family Research Fund

SC_RF_2The Lord blessed us with a special gift… Samuel. He turned seven on November 8 and is the sweetest child most have ever known. He always had a smile on his face and captured all who met him with his beautiful blue eyes and curly blonde hair! He also had special needs.


He passed away on September 10, 2012 from Leigh’s Syndrome, a mitochondrial disease. It affected the movement center of his brain, so everything from his fine motor skills to his ability to eat was damaged. There is no cure. It also caused him to have major respiratory trouble. He was not able to talk, but spoke volumes with his eyes. He even had a Tobii eyegaze computer that he loved! He could not sit up, walk or even hold his head up without assistance. He had surgery in May of 2008 to get a feeding tube because he was not able to eat enough due to poor muscle tone and control, but he did love food!


He taught us and touched our lives more than any other person. He taught us to treasure each moment, to be content in all circumstances and to put our faith in God through it all. His smile was contagious, his laugh was like music to our ears, and his heart was pure. He loved his family and friends. He loved music, dancing, snuggles and kisses. He always wanted to be holding our hand and will forever hold our hearts.


SC_RF_1Our hearts will never be whole again with him gone, but we rejoice that he is now healed and whole. He is praising our Lord and running on the streets of gold. He is perfect. We praise the Lord for giving Samuel to us for almost 8 years and we will treasure each and every memory.


Blessings, Tim, Mary Elisabeth, Gracie, Annaleigh & Micah Cutliff

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Mitochondrial conditions involve many other diseases and are often misdiagnosed. More children die from mito than cancer. Please join us in raising awareness of Mitochondrial Diseases and donating to UMDF to support research for a cure.

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