Find a Doctor Familiar with Mitochondrial Disease

Looking for a Mito doctor from the Mitochondrial Care Network?

You’ve come to the right place. UMDF maintains a list of 200+ doctors treating and researching mitochondrial disease. Contact our patient concierge for the complete list of doctors managing mitochondrial disease patients.

If you are a physician and would like to be added to this list, please contact us here.


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Mitochondrial Care Network

The Mitochondrial Care Network (MCN) represents a group of physicians at medical centers across the country that have expertise and experience in providing coordinated care for patients with mitochondrial disease.

MCN is a collaborative effort between mitochondrial physicians in the Mitochondrial Medicine Society, MitoAction and UMDF.

Tips for Finding a Doctor

You found a doctor nearby, now what? Here are helpful tips and next steps.

Tip #1: Contact the physician’s office directly.

 Ask if a doctor is currently accepting new patients and inquire about his or her experience level in diagnosing mitochondrial disease. Remember to check about insurance coverage too.

Tip #2: Go online, connect with other families.

Ask about their experiences with a specific doctor. Keep in mind each patient’s diagnosis, treatment and values may be different from yours.

UMDF Support Group: This Facebook Group consists of 10,000+ members networking with people around the world affected by mitochondrial disease. JOIN

Inspire Mito Energy Connection: A peer-to-peer online support and discussion community to gather and share information. JOIN

Tip #3: Contact our Support Team.

Ask to be connected with a UMDF Support Ambassador. We can help you outline what type of questions to ask about insurance, how to obtain a doctor referral or give tips on traveling to an out of state medical center.

Disclaimer: Any medical professionals included in the Find a Doctor list does not imply endorsement by UMDF.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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