Resources for Medical Child Abuse and Child Protective Services

What Every Parent Needs to Know…

UMDF strives to present the most current information available to our patient community. Because of recent events, UMDF has gathered together our best informational resources and placed them on this page for your convenient reference. We are providing this information to you so that you, the parent or relative of an affected child, can be the best advocate for the treatment and care of your child in a medical setting.

If you find yourself in need of legal advice…..

UMDF is grateful for the work of Attorney Darice M. Good in gathering a list of attorneys who handle child welfare cases for parents in need to legal information. Download a PDF of important information.

Symposium Presentations & Webinars

Six Degrees of Prevention: Easing Parents’ Fears of Child Protective Services

The Challenges and Risks in Navigating Patient Care… In a World that is Still Learning about Mitochondrial Disease

Optimizing Interactions with the Medical System for Patients with Complex Medical Needs

Printables & Downloadables

  • Emergency Room Protocol Card

    This card easily fits into a wallet or purse and can be given to medical personnel. The card states “This patient has a mitochondrial disease and requires specific emergency room protocols”. The card provides a smart device link to the UMDF Emergency Room Letter that can be viewed online and provides for a smart device link to Mito 101.

  • Immediate Information Card for Clinicians

    This card was developed by the UMDF in 2013 and provided to patients to give to their medical professionals. It provides an immediate link to the UMDF website and to Mito101, our resource for physicians and patients.

  • “COULD IT BE MITO?” for Physicians

    This card outlines symptoms and evaluations for a mitochondrial disease patient.

  • Myths about Mitochondrial Disease

    Courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic, this document contains myths and facts about mitochondrial disease.

  • MITO 101

    This link will take your physician to Mito 101, which provides valuable resources in the care and treatment of a mitochondrial disease patient.

How Else Can You Advocate for your Child?