An exclusive service for medical professionals

UMDF’s “Mito on Call” is a collaboration between the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and the Mitochondrial Medicine Society.

Often times, physicians, counselors, nurses and other medical professionals have questions about the diagnosis and treatment of mitochondrial disease patients.   With one click, medical professionals can ask their question and have it answered by one of more than 20 of the top mitochondrial disease experts around the globe.   Please note that while the goal is to have a response to you as quickly as possible, response times will vary based on expert availability.

This service is for medical professionals only.  

Patients and family members may always submit questions to UMDF’s “Ask the Mito Doc”, which can be accessed by clicking here.


If you are a physician, nurse, counselor or other medical professional, click here to ask UMDF’s “Mito on Call”.


Mito On Call is a collaborative effort between the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (“UMDF”) and the Mitochondrial Medicine Society (“MMS”). The Mito On Call service is solely designed to connect inquiring medical professionals with physicians having expertise in diagnosing and treating Mitochondrial Diseases (“expert physicians”).

Please do NOT send any private, patient-identifying information in your inquiry to UMDF. While we will not intentionally release such information or make such information public if sent to us, we cannot provide any assurance that the information will be kept private. Your inquiry should describe the problem or question with sufficient detail to allow UMDF and MMS to identify an expert physician to assist you. Please also include your contact information. The expert physician will contact you to discuss your question in more detail.

All federal, state and local laws must be strictly followed at all stages of this process. Patients and caregivers should not utilize the Mito On Call service but should instead use the Ask the Mito Doc forum.

Information provided under the Mito on Call program should be regarded as general guidance only. Ultimate responsibility for patient care lies with the inquiring medical professional. Neither UMDF nor MMS shall be liable for any action taken as a result of an inquiry sent through the Mito on Call service.

By sending an inquiry through the Mito on Call service, you are asserting that you are a medical professional in good standing over the age of 21, and that you will not violate any federal, state or local laws, applicable regulations, standards or guidelines established to protect patient privacy.