Patient Evaluation for Professionals

Mitochondrial diseases are a complex group of disorders that defy simple classification and are no longer considered “rare”.  Although mitochondrial medicine is a relatively new field, it impacts every medical discipline.  Managing the care of a mitochondrial disease patient can be confusing and frustrating.  The vast array of symptoms is as diverse as the patients themselves.  Diagnosis can be hampered by negative test results and a lack of diagnostic standardization.  Treatment options are limited and their effects variable.  As part of our mission, the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation strives to promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders.  It is our goal to facilitate clinicians, allied health professionals and researchers by offering the following:

  • Professional literature for you and your staff
  • Lay literature for your patients
  • Grand Rounds
  • Annual scientific/clinical/family symposia
  • Research grant funding
  • Contact information for mitochondrial disease specialists and laboratories
  • Information that addresses your specific question/topic, if available

If you would like to receive a professional packet of literature, please email

The UMDF seeks to expand its list of physicians worldwide who are familiar with mitochondrial disease and who manage mitochondrial disease patients.  If this applies to you, we would appreciate having your information.  Please fill out our “Do you manage mito patients?”  form and return to the UMDF.