Resources for Kids & Teens

Youth Ambassador Program

The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation encourages young people who are suffering from a mitochondrial disease to be part of the cure and become a ‘Youth Ambassador’. The role of a UMDF Youth Ambassador is to promote awareness of mitochondrial disease in your school and in your community. Some of our Youth Ambassadors have secured proclamations from their governor declaring the third week of September as ‘Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week’. Others have received free advertising promoting mitochondrial disease. Youth Ambassadors also provide support to other affected young adults and teens. They also serve as a resource of information about mitochondrial disease for their physician or allied health professional. If you would like to become a UMDF Youth Ambassador, call the UMDF at 888-317-UMDF (8633) or email us at

UMDF Facebook

The UMDF has an “Official United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Facebook Page” to get updates on what is happening in the mitochondrial community and UMDF. The goal of this Facebook Group is to connect teens and young adults who are affected by mitochondrial disease and to provide an opportunity to network with one another and with friends, families and supporters. Visit our Facebook page today and tell your friends!

LEAP & Heartstrings Awards

Each year at the UMDF Symposium, an individual under the age of 18 is selected for the “Heartstrings Award”. This leadership award is given to an individual who has invested their time, demonstrated their talents, effectiveness and generosity in raising money or donations to enable the UMDF to continue its mission. If you would like to nominate a young person for the Heartstrings Award, please contact the UMDF at 888.317.8077 or email us at

Battery Flyers

These color flyers easily explain mitochondrial disease and its effects.