Spring Appeal 2017


You likely know or have known someone like Serena – someone happy all the time, someone smart or nice or creative…someone waiting for a cure for Mitochondrial Disease.

Imagine being part of a team working to make Serena’s dream come true.

Imagine handing Serena a new treatment or making her next hospital visit a little bit safer.

Your support of UMDF does just that. We’re a team. As treatments are developed and medical care advances, UMDF is committed to staying at the cutting edge – for you, for your loved ones, for every person in this community. Your donations, your letters to congress, your awareness efforts, and your commitment toward a cure make it all possible.

Please give today and make an impact on diagnosis, patient care, and research toward a cure.

UMDF exists to provide hope, energy, and life to those touched by Mitochondrial Disease.

A donation of any amount fuels the urgently needed search for treatments for someone like Serena, who is waiting. Right here. Right now.

Imagine that.

Thank you in advance for being a part of this life-changing team.