Teacher/Education Resources

Mitochondrial Disease Information for Teachers and Educators
Includes definition for mitochondrial diseases, etiology, development and symptoms, treatment and mortality and specific disorders.  Click here to download.

IHPs, 504 Plans, and IEPs: What’s the Difference?
Informative guidelines provided by the Oley Foundation.
Click here to download.

Newsletter Article:  Sample Letter to Educators – Mitochondrial Disorder and its implication for mainstreamed students.
Click here to download.

Accommodations for the Child with Mitochondrial Disease
Information from the UMDF on scheduling, physical and medical demands, social information and staff training.  Helpful websites included.

Click here to download.

Equitable Participation for parentally placed private school children with disabilities under IDEA.
Written by Lauren Morris, MS

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Cover Letter to Educators – This letter may be sent with informational materials about mitochondrial disease.  An informational packet for educators may be obtained by calling the UMDF at 888-317-UMDF(8633).

Click here to download cover letter.

Classroom Idea – Word Search
Appropriate for Junior High School.
Click here to download Wordsearch.
Click here to download the answer key.

Classroom Idea – Coloring Pages for Children.
Download version #1 or  version #2 .

Have an Energy for Life Walkathon
Show your school spirit and support of a student with mitochondrial disease.
Click here to find out how.