During these exceptional times with COVID-19 impacting communities worldwide, we recognize that families affected by mitochondrial disease may be particularly concerned. Now, more than ever, the NIH MINI Study is dedicated to understanding the effects of infection and immunity in individuals with mitochondrial disease.

We hope that everyone stays well during this stressful time. Unfortunately, some individuals with mitochondrial disease may become ill with COVID-19. In this circumstance, we would like to invite you to participate in the MINI Study remotely to possibly collect information and samples in coordination with your local care providers.  Participation is voluntary and at no cost to you. If you choose to participate please contact us for more details.

While we cannot provide testing for COVID-19, we hope that the information and samples collected will help us better understand the effects of viral illness and immunity in people with mitochondrial disease.

Eventually, our goal is to impact the way infections are managed in individuals with mitochondrial disease to preserve health and improve well being. For information on how to become a remote participant in the study please contact us via email or phone as listed below.

On behalf of the MINI Study team at NIH, our thoughts are with you during this time.

MINI Study Team:
Dr. Peter J. McGuire
Dr. Eliza Gordon-Lipkin
Ms. Shannon Kruk
The NIH MINI Study
Phone: 301-451-9145