Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust – A UMDF Partner for 15 years

Those who live outside of the Greater Pittsburgh Area may be unfamiliar with Edith L. Trees.  Mrs. Trees and her husband, Joseph, owned more than 1,800 acres of property north of Pittsburgh that was, at one time, an apple and peach orchard.  Most of that property has been developed into a community named Treesdale.   Mr. Trees amassed a vast fortune drilling for oil all over the world.  The Trees had one son together, Joseph.  Joseph had a severe mental disability and was also born with autism. All three of them have since passed away, but Mrs. Trees legacy and generosity to help children with disabilities continues today.

Since 2004, the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust has generously provided $735,000 to the UMDF for patient support geared towards our younger patients.  This year, the trust has provided an $80,000 gift to UMDF.   We are honored to have received this funding from the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust.  UMDF uses these gifts to support various educational programs at symposium, specifically the Teen Program and Prom.   Thank you Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust for your generosity in making these programs possible for our teens and young adults.