Energy for Life Walk Resources

Energy for Life Walk Resources

Energy for Life Team Captain Toolkit

DOWNLOAD the EFL Team Captain Toolkit: PDF

Energy for Life Fundraiser Toolkit

DOWNLOAD the EFL Fundraiser Toolkit: PDF

Energy for Life City Specific Flyers and Posters

Atlanta – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

Charlotte – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

Chicago – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

Columbus – Flyer | Poster (pdf)


Delaware Valley – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

Detroit – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

Indianapolis – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

Minnesota – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

New England – Flyer | Poster (pdf)


Orlando – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

San Antonio – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

Seattle – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

Southern Wisconsin – Flyer | Poster (pdf)

Western New York – Flyer | Poster (pdf)


Energy for Life Media Pitch Toolkit

DOWNLOAD the EFL Media Pitch Toolkit: PDF and Word DOC

Energy for Life Social Media Toolkit

DOWNLOAD the EFL Social Media Toolkit: PDF and Word DOC

Social Media

How do I use these overlays?


  1. Navigate to the graphic of your choice and click on it.
  2. Left click on the image and click “Save Image as.” Choose the save location and filename for the graphic.
  3. Use an image editor of your choice to add a photo, team name and mission, or logo to the white space in the image. You might be familiar with Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint, or there are many free image editors online like Canva and Pixlr.
    • Add text in MS Paint.
    • If using Canva, use the Upload button on the left navigation bar to upload your images. Download the final image as a png or jpeg.
    • You can also add text over images by editing them directly on your phone or in social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Save and post on social media along with other photos and your team’s story. Encourage your other team members to share on their social media accounts. This builds energy your team and Energy for Life, and it builds awareness of mitochondrial disease in your community.


Questions? Contact or check out this illustrated guide (pdf)

Facebook Overlays

Team Captain



Instagram Overlays

Team Captain



X/Twitter Overlays

Team Captain



Thank You Graphics




Social Media Badges

Team Captain



Planning Committee


Thank you for joining the movement for improved treatments, diagnostics, and education for the entire mitochondrial disease community.  Please contact our team at if you have any questions.