Find a Doctor

The list of doctors and clinicians treating and researching mitochondrial disease changes frequently. The UMDF maintains a list of approximately 200+ doctors who have been recommended by other patients, or doctors who have come to us through the UMDF Grand Rounds Program or Symposia. All doctors are asked to complete a “Do you Manage Mitochondrial Disease Patients?” form.

Contact the UMDF office directly for the most current information for your specific situation.



8:00am – 5:00pm Eastern


 8085 Saltsburg Rd, Suite 201
Pittsburgh, PA 15239

Once you receive names, we encourage you to use them as a starting point in your search. The inclusion of any medical professionals in the list of names (provided upon request) does not imply endorsement by the UMDF.

To determine if each doctor is currently accepting new patients and/or is experienced in diagnosing Mito, for information about their level of expertise, insurance coverage, and practices – please reach out to the physicians’ offices.

You may also want to check with other individuals/families affected by Mito for their experiences with their physician(s), while keeping in mind that each patient’s needs, expectations, and values are different. You can do this by connecting with one of our UMDF Ambassadors by emailing, through the UMDF Facebook Group at, or through our UMDF group on