Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 2021

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week – September 19-25, 2021


Monuments and Iconic Buildings ‘Light Up For Mito’

 UMDF will join with our partners around the globe to spread awareness. Oneway patient families can participate is by asking the operators of a monument or iconic building in your city to ‘Light Up for Mito’ by going green on September 25, 2021. Here is a template and other resources to help you make your ‘ask’.

Make sure you report on any events and activities you have organized for World Mitochondrial Disease Week, as well as the monuments you have secured for Light Up for Mito, using this form or by emailing All will be promoted on the World Mitochondrial Disease Week website and on social media.
We would love to share your pictures of buildings or monuments lighted green on September 25th or during Awareness Week. Make sure you tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with @theUMDF and use the hashtag @theUMDF #lightupformito.

UMDF Social Media

We would also love for you to share your awareness week pictures and stories.

Make sure you tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with @theUMDF. Please use #ThisIsMito when you share your personald stories and pictures during Awareness Week, and share your social posts with friends and family.



In order to spread global awareness, please use the following #hashtags in any of your Awareness Week posts on social media:

#wmdw #mitochondrialdisease #mito #mitoawarenessweek #mitoawareness 


Add an Awareness Week Frame to your Facebook profile for the week.

 Click on one of the frames below to add these Awareness Week frames to your Facebook profile picture.




Mito Facts Social Pictures

 Below are fact graphics that we invite you to save and post on your own social media pages. 


Awareness Week Plan
Energize the Fight each day with these easy Daily Difference Makers: 

Sunday, September 19th
Change your social media profile. Use one of the profile frames above. 

Monday, September 20th
Share your Story. Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, or researcher, spread awareness by sharing your mito story. #ThisIsMito 

Tuesday, September 21st
Watch the UMDF Facebook/Twitter feeds and retweet or share a Mito Fact or UMDF Mission in Action post. 

Wednesday, September 22nd
Help UMDF celebrate its 25th Anniversary. Set up a Facebook Fundraiser, and ask friends to donate $25 toward making a difference for the future! 

Thursday, September 23rd
It’s MitoChic Week! Post a photo in your best mito green! Tag your photos @UMDF #MitoAwarenessWeek.  Get your shirts, hats and other UMDF clothing here

Friday, September 24th
Walk your Way toward a cure! Register or join an Energy for Life Walk team. Visit to find a walk near you! 

Saturday, September 25th
Light Up for Mito across the World! Share your photos of green business and landmarks. Tag your photos @UMDF #LightUpForMito #MitoAwarenessWeek