The Push Up Pack

No Limits Push-Up Pack

How far would you push toward treatments and cures for mitochondrial disease? For UMDF President and CEO, Brian Harman, there are “NO LIMITS.”

For his New Year’s resolution, he’s asking for others to join the Push Up Pack, a 31-day commitment to push-up toward treatments and cures.

Brian has committed to doing 5,000 push-ups for the month in January, which equates to over 160 push-ups per day. You can join him in the push-up pack, with options for everyone — ranging from a push-up per day up to NO LIMIT!

Pick Your Pack of Push-Ups

Joining the Push-Up Pack? Commit to a pack of push–ups and start fundraising today. Whether your goal is to do one push up a day or 10,000 in a month, you’re putting your mitochondria to work to help families on their mitochondrial disease journey.

Use these shareable images on your fundraising page and to publicize your Push-Up Pack commitment on social media! Simply click on your choice, then right click and choose “Save Image As …” once it loads.