A New Beginning for FMM and UMDF


Consider a fresh beginning and new journey with UMDF


For Susan Schreer Davis, the year 2009 brought her to one of the lowest points in her journey with mitochondrial disease. Davis, who lives in Kennesaw, GA, remembers the time as incredibly intense. Still in the grieving process over the loss of her first husband to a brain tumor, Susan struggled with constant fatigue and leg weakness. Added to that, she was confronted with an emergency back surgery, after learning her 16 year old son had a confirmed diagnosis of mitochondrial disease. While it was a low point for Susan, it was also very important to her to stay in touch with her community of support.

When the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine combined with UMDF in January, Susan knew the positivity of staying involved and immediately agreed to continue her good work with UMDF. She quickly became a UMDF Support Ambassador, helping patients and families navigate their own mito journey. For Susan, it is a fresh beginning. Our critical work continues, and we hope you will consider a fresh beginning and new journey with UMDF this spring.

“While I never attended grief support groups as a 27-year-old widow, I found sitting in a circle of fellow mitochondrial
disease warriors a necessary part of my healing. As an ambassador for the UMDF, I hope to give back what brought me back to life. Understanding, empathy, encouragement and hope.”

Here’s what you can expect when you invest in our patient families and mission:

  • Dedication to funding the most promising mitochondrial disease research.
  • An international collaboration for a multi-year project to advance the diagnoses, therapeutic treatment
    and clinical care of Leigh Syndrome.
  • The formation of the first-of-its-kind Mitochondrial Care Network in collaboration with the Mitochondrial
    Medicine Society and MitoAction; formally unifying clinicians, implementing best practices and optimizing
    patient care.
  • The first externally-led patient-focused drug development meeting to showcase the patient voice of
    mitochondrial disease in front of the FDA.
  • Uniting over 600 researchers, scientists, and patient families at our annual Symposium to learn and share
    the latest in the field of mitochondrial medicine and cutting-edge research. And most importantly, to join
    together in our collective mission towards a cure.
  • Providing support to affected patients and families from diagnosis through treatment with dedicated staff
    and a national network of Ambassadors at the ready to provide patient family support.

As a champion of the former Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine you have already demonstrated your commitment for families facing mitochondrial disease. For that we are most grateful. We hope you will trust UMDF to carry on the good work of FMM; and we hope you will join our family of over 14,000 donors who have made families facing the disease a priority.

Join us in supporting the work of exceptional volunteers like Susan.
Join us in funding the most promising research and providing education and awareness.
Join us in bringing hope for the patient families we serve.

With your generous support, you power the research that is advancing treatments and cures for adults and children affected by mitochondrial disease and providing the much needed support to individuals during their difficult journey.