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Establish a Family Impact Fund

Many families affected by mitochondrial disease choose to support UMDF by establishing a Family Impact Fund.

A Family Impact Fund is a special commitment that comes with the flexibility to generate funds over the course of three years. The funds raised allow families to honor a loved one and contribute to research projects, educational resources, advocacy and regulatory efforts, and patient family support programs.

There is a story of hope behind every Family Impact Fund.

Looking to support an existing Family Impact Fund?

Looking to support an existing Family Impact Fund?

How It Works

Commit to raising a minimum of $10,000 over 3 years.

UMDF will create a personalized web page featuring your loved one’s photos and biography.

Share the web page and ask for online donations or recurring monthly gifts.

All who donate will receive an acknowledgement and a tax receipt.

A history of donations and activity is available to track on your web page.

Hit your goal and select which UMDF approved project will benefit from the funds you raised.

Interested in committing more than $10,000?

Contact our Development Team to discuss custom proposal opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I determine how the funds I raised are put to work?
You can choose from a list of projects that UMDF approves and recommends. A Family Impact Fund cannot be directed to a specific research project, researcher, specialist or program that has not already been peer-reviewed by the UMDF Scientific and Medical Advisory Board and approved by the UMDF Board of Trustees.
What happens if I never designate a UMDF recommended project to receive the funds I raised?
If your Family Impact Fund has a balance and you haven’t picked a UMDF project after 3 years, the UMDF Board of Trustees will determine which project(s) will benefit from the funds you raised.
Can I apply money I raised at the Chicago Marathon or Energy for Life Walkathon to my Family Impact Fund?
No. Any funds raised through those specific events cannot be transferred to your Family Impact Fund.
What if I have plans to raise more than $10,000 over 3 years?

Simply contact our Development Team and we can customize a proposal for your family.

What if I can’t fulfill my fundraising commitment?
If committed funds aren’t raised in the time allotted, your Family Impact Fund will be dissolved.
If my Family Impact Fund is dissolved, what happens to the funds that I raised?
The UMDF Board of Trustees will invest the funds in high-priority projects that support our mission.
I can’t commit to raising $10,000. How else can I raise funds for UMDF while honoring a loved one?

Please consider our In Tribute program. Click here for more information.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to establish a Family Impact Fund. 

Fill out the form to contact the Development Team or
call 888-317-8633.

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