Preparing for Mitochondrial Medicine 2023: Schedules, App, Safety & More

Download the Mitochondrial Medicine App Now
The official Mitochondrial Medicine Symposium app for 2023 is now available to all registrants via mobile devices and desktop. You’ll find the app has a lot of great features, including full programming schedules, a customizable agenda, speaker bios, and more. If you’re already registered, you should have received an invitation with all the details. If you have any questions, reach out to our team at

Note: if you are a 2022 Symposium attendee who still has the app, there is no need to re-download. Simply login to the app, click the exit button in the top lefthand corner, and select the UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine 2023 event.

While use of the app is highly encouraged, if you prefer below are links the printable schedules:

Family Printable Schedule
LHON Printable Schedule
Clinical & Scientific Program Printable Schedule

Ask the Mito Doc: Previews & Live From MitoMed

May’s special Pre-symposium Ask the Mito Doc Webcast, which provided a primer for newly diagnosed or those who need a mito basics refresher, is now available on UMDF’s YouTube channel or read the full Q&A on our UMDF blog. The LHON community also provided a similar symposium preview focused on LHON programming. Click here to watch it.

Join us for a special Ask the Mito Doc live session from Mitochondrial Medicine 2023 on July 1 at 10:30am EST.  This special AMD session is open to the entire mito community, with participation available both in-person in Charlotte and to virtual participants via zoom. If you plan to participate virtually, please pre-register.

Speakers include Bruce Cohen, MD; Austin Larson, MD; Eva Morava-Kozicz, MD; Jaya Ganesh, MD; Abdulrazak (Abdu) Alali, MD; Mary Kay Koenig, MD; Muge Gucsavas Calikoglu, MD, MPH; and Russell Saneto, DO, PhD.


Although COVID cases are lower than 2022, most mitochondrial clinicians still encourage using common sense and only travel to UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine 2023 if:

If you are an affected adult or your child is affected, prepare for travel as you would any time there are potential health risks.

Guests will be offered ribbons to indicate comfort level regarding social interaction/distancing.

Before leaving, make sure to read the below UMDF traveling tips for patients:

  • Mito Travel Guide – reminders on managing care, packing and flying.
  • Travel Checklist – a suggested packing list and advice for patients traveling for the first time.

Courtesy of University of Minnesota, Orphan Drug Research Course – Student Team “Blue Genes” and UMDF Ambassadors

Official MitoMed Badge

To let your peer network know to look for you at MitoMed 2023, we’ve developed the below social badge. Simply right click and choose “Save As ….” to download and save.