Symposium 2023 – Keeping You Safe

Symposium 2023: Patients and Families – Keeping You Safe

UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine 2023 COVID-19 Protocols as of February 13, will include:

At this time, we are not requiring attendees to attest to being vaccinated.  Although COVID cases are lower than 2022, most mitochondrial clinicians will still say to use common sense and only travel to UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine 2023 if:

  • You are vaccinated and boosted.
  • You wear a mask in all public places and within crowds.
  • You continue rigorous hand hygiene.
  • You practice social distancing.
  • Refer to the CDC Guidelines for Travel >>

If you are an affected adult or your child is affected, prepare for travel as you would any time there is potential health risks.

Depending on COVID-19 status in the US in June, other protocols may include the following:

  • Attendees must wear masks within all of the UMDF meeting space.
  • Ribbons to indicate comfort level in regards to social interaction/distancing.

Air Travel and Hotel

  • For those traveling from long distances by air, you can be masked the entire flight but many will take masks off to eat and drink.  Additionally, the mask mandate may be lifted prior to June. Just be mindful that this may be the case for your flight.
  • The Le Méridien Charlotte will have several other meetings happening that will not be required to follow our protocols.  Again, something to consider if you are on the fence about coming. The UMDF will have no control over outside meeting attendees.
  • If you are an affected adult or your child is affected, prepare for travel as you would any time there is potential health risks.
  • Refer to the CDC Guidelines for Gatherings >>

Traveling Tips

Before leaving, make sure to read the below UMDF traveling tips for patients:

  • Mito Travel Guide – reminders on managing care, packing and flying.
  • Travel Checklist – a suggested packing list and advice for patients traveling for the first time.

Courtesy of University of Minnesota, Orphan Drug Research Course – Student Team “Blue Genes” and UMDF Ambassadors

Regarding N95 Masks and Children

While children do not typically attend the symposium, many families choose to bring additional family members to watch children while in sessions. Per one of our mitochondrial clinicians, there are no official N95 masks for children (the USA guidelines for N95 certification fall under National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health-NIOSH, and therefore not pediatric). For children at risk, a high filtration mask such as a KN95, KF94, or cloth mask with a PM0.1 filter should be considered. A good resource for genuine masks is Project N95 . Learn More >>