Energize the Fight – World Mitochondrial Disease Week 2023

We’re excited to unite with other mitochondrial disease-focused patient advocacy groups across the globe to spread awareness on World Mitochondrial Disease Week, September 18-24, 2023! Together, we can promote understanding and recognition with the hope that increased awareness, attention, and funds will move the needle toward effective treatments and cures for the entire mito community.

Dates to remember:
TK2d Awareness Day, September 12
World Mitochondrial Disease Week, September 18-24
LHON Awareness Day, September 19
Light Up for Mito, September 23

Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Spread awareness on social media – Post content, share the stories of your mito journey, and/or create a fundraiser. We have created graphics that can be downloaded here and shared all week long.
    Use the hashtag #WorldMitoWeek and tag @UMDF in your posts. We’ve included links below.

    1. Social Media Badge Graphics – zip file, 4 image options   
    2. Facebook Cover Graphics – zip file, 3 image options    
    3. Mito Facts (sized for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) – zip file, 7 image options    
    4. Mito Facts (sized for Twitter) – zip file, 7 image options
  • Participate in Faces of Mito – If you’d like for your story to be considered and shared more widely by World Mitochondrial Disease Week’s “Faces of Mito,” please send stories and photos to Kana with International Mito Patients.
  • Secure a Proclamation – Many of our volunteers, UMDF Advocates, and UMDF Support Ambassadors have been successful in securing city, county/parish, or state level government proclamations for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness. Raise awareness amongst your local governments and officials. Request a proclamation from your official’s website.
  • Grassroots Awareness – Share your story and spread awareness in your workplace, school, or hospitals. Talk to administrators and decision makers about a “GREEN out” special dress day and request time to tell your story at a special assembly or meeting. If you’d like to request printed materials for an in-person event, contact UMDF staff by Wednesday, September 6. 

 TK2d Awareness Day – TK2d Tuesday, September 12
Help share and spread awareness about Thymidine kinase 2 deficiency (TK2D), a rare mitochondrial disease, the Tuesday prior to World Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. On TK2d Tuesday, we unite with patients and families affected by TK2d to spread awareness and amplify their stories.

LHON Awareness Day – Tuesday, September 19
On LHON Awareness Day, we unite with the community affected by Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. Help us spread awareness and show your support for all those living with LHON.

Free live webinar: “LHON and the Family”
Tuesday, September 19, 11:00am -1:00pm ET – Zoom

For members of the LHON patient community, join this interactive webinar where we will explore how the disease affects both those living with LHON and their families. Join the discussion, share your experiences, and hear from others about the impact of LHON.

To register, please email jodebry@mitopatients.org with International Mito Patients.

Light Up for Mito – Saturday, September 23
We encourage you to have your local landmarks, monuments, or buildings lit GREEN for #LightUpForMito on Saturday, September 23. If you have lit buildings or monuments in your local area, reach out now as many have deadlines and require lead time for consideration!

Send an email to Kana with International Mito Patients, and let her know about the buildings, monuments or landmarks that you have secured. She’s leading the effort to map Light Up locations across the globe!

Post your photos of your local GREEN landmarks on social media on Saturday, September 23 using the tags #LightUpForMito and @UMDF.