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Alan Breslow Appointed to UMDF Board of Trustees

Innovation, speed and agility are key to finding effective treatments for mitochondrial disease and accelerating the research could lead to a cure. That is why each year, the UMDF awards the accelerators prize to a promising Postdoctoral Fellow whose research project was selected by the UMDF Scientific and Medical Advisory Board as a finalist for the award.

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2021 LEAP Award Winner – Lily Finnigan

LEAP stands for Living, Encouraging, Achieving and Persisting.
The award is presented to an individual who is age 14 or older
living positively with mitochondrial disease. The awardee
overcomes daily challenges to achieve goals in career, family, and
volunteer service. The individual demonstrates a positive attitude,
hope for a brighter future, and an enthusiasm that inspires others.

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UMDF Updates Congress on Telehealth

Before the pandemic, telehealth coverage was limited in scope. However, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Congress expanded coverage to encourage broad adoption of telehealth for the duration of the public health emergency. Accordingly, we have seen an exponential increase in telehealth.

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